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Product Guide

Established in 2008 and drawing on over 20 years knowledge in composite cover design and manufacture MWay Pro is a leader in supplying composite manhole cover solutions for underground access positions. The inherent properties of composite materials are ideal for the manhole environment. Our covers are extremely durable, lightweight, inert so they will not corrode, not electrically conductive and have low thermal conductivity. Built on patented THRUBEAM technology, MWAY PRO have developed a range of generic covers suitable for pedestrian areas (B125)and vehicular areas(D400). In addition, MWay Pro project manage bespoke design services and use the patented technology, and can design alternative size, shape and also modular solutions to meet all customer requirements.

TopUtility Covers

Our utility covers are manufactured with an anti-slip/skid surface that is extremely durable and is equivalent in value (PSVR60>) to a high quality road surface, and it maintains its non slip properties even when wet.

Our utility covers are being adopted by companies who have increasing litigation concerns and a responsible attitude towards public or employee Health and Safety. Equally, companies require better performance from their manhole covers at significantly reduced cost of ownership, eg. whole life cost. Our covers offer important benefits over covers made with traditional materials. If you need a cover that can provide reassuring security, is fully sealable and can support and enhance data-logging and monitoring of underground resources then get in touch now.

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TopPetroleum Covers

Using the patented ThruBeam technology, MwayPro is equal to and rated stronger than all competitive product load specifications. It is structurally and fatigue tested and meets AASHTO and European EN124 regulations. Composite covers continue to perform well even after 30 years in service because they will not break, corrode or spin out. The torsionally resistant frames eliminate many of the usual causes of wear with traditional covers. Our covers also come with an industry first 15‐year guarantee to assure product performance and satisfaction for many years.

More reasons to use MWayPro fuel covers: Exceeds 0.60 coefficient of friction even when wet and will retain this anti-slip value throughout its working life. Singleperson removal and replacement without risk of injury. No need for any additional lifting equipment. Avoid the workers compensation claims. At only 86 lbs, the 42” MwayPro Cover has the best weight to strength ratio in the market. Longevity, ease of moving , ease and low cost of maintenance, and superior overall performance reduces maintenance cost. Choosing an MwayPro cover is the best “whole life” choice. 100% watertight/sound tight with the unique selfcleaning edge seal gasket design. Gasket is replaceable. Composite design will not corrode when in contact with salt , fuels, and all chemicals met in UST environments. Will not conduct electricity, so stray voltage problems are negated. Additional security may be included through a bolting system that automatically disengages when the cover is removed and reengages when replaced. An enhanced security key option is available. Specify color per API Color Code or a custom color for your corporate brand. Color choices may require additional delivery time.

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