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The benefits of THRUBEAM composite covers over traditional covers:

New materials are of little value to an Engineer, Specifier or Operator, unless they deliver real benefits. MWay pro combine THRUBEAM technology, design, composite materials with reliable manufacturing processes to deliver ‘fit for purpose’ covers that offer an attractive commercial solution when the total cost of ownership is considered.

Structurally superior

MWay Pro THRUBEAM composite covers are proven and guaranteed to meet the structural and fatigue requirements of AASHTO and European BS EN 124 regulations.

Ease of removal/replacement

THRUBEAM composite covers are typically 25% of the weight  of concrete, 33% of steel/iron and 70% of aluminium. One of the benefits is single person removal and replacement without risk of injury, when using our ergonomic lifting tool.

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Anti-slip surface

The surface has a better slip-resistance value than metal covers when wet, dry, or worn state and is comparable with a good highway surface. Specifiers are increasingly asking for a 0.50 coefficient of friction, because H & S institutions now consider components in public areas at 0.40 or less, as hazardous. A THRUBEAM cover has a value of typically 0.70, or better.

Low wear characteristics

Wear is negated by the combination of the materials and design. Mway Pro composite materials are robust and will not break under normal in-service loads. Each THRUBEAM cover has a close tolerance interface with a special torsional resistant composite frame, which prevents movement and distortion from the eccentric forces that are a major cause of wear and failure.

Water, sand and airtight

A special sealing method creates a water, sand and airtight barrier, when the cover is replaced. A secondary effect of this gasket is that it makes the cover very difficult to remove and forms a very good unauthorised barrier to entry, without the Mway Pro special ergonomic tool, which incorporates a seal breaker. The position of the seal and the sealing action promotes self-cleaning which reduces any maintenance requirement.

Security locking

Additional security can be included through the addition of a locking system that automatically unlocks and locks when the cover is removed or replaced with our ergonomic tool. An optional anti-tamper plug can also be added to further prevent unauthorized access. Both the locking system and the anti-tamper plug can be added at any time after installation.

Electrically non-conductive

Composite covers are electrically non-conductive ideal for areas where electrical shock and stray voltage has to be negated or avoided.

Poor thermal conductivity

Composite covers have very poor thermal conductivity. This is a benefit on thermal installations and where extremes of ambient temperature are experienced.


Unwanted and potentially destructive elements are unavoidable in the manhole environment and they have a continuous degrading effect. Composite covers and frames are inert and will not corrode or cause corrosion when subjected to elements such as wind borne sand and salt [even at elevated temperatures], water and all chemicals met in road environments.

Automatic meter reading

Mway Pro Covers allow transmission of radio frequencies used in AMR and from sub- equipment. This helps promote a better signal, and negates lifting the cover to collect data.

Secure in the location

The frame design ensures that the surrounding concrete structure maintained in compression, which prevents displacement and cracking. Deep seating of the covers prevents any possibility of them being disturbed by impact forces. Continuous rather than three point seating eliminates wear and the THRUBEAM round covers have rotational restraint to prevent eccentric forces from causing displacement and wear.

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